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Welcome! Verdantide Cattery was established in 2020.

I'm a small breeder and plan to keep it that way, with only one litter per year. My passion is connecting people with their fur-children! I strive to produce healthy, friendly, beautiful cats that are good representatives of the Maine Coon breed.

The cats are my children and as such have free roam of our home. Every kitten is cherished and a great deal of my heart and soul is poured into each one. Having suffered heartache, my long-term goal is to help make our cats healthier through ethical, conscientious breeding.

In addition to carefully selecting each pairing based on health, temperament and physical characteristics, I also place a personal emphasis on high integrity and open, consistent communication. I believe in treating others as I wish to be treated. All adopters receive lifetime support.

I voluntarily abide by TICA'S Code of Ethics and adhere to PawPeds' testing recommendations, the latter of which I now serve as a volunteer for the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) database in an effort to help eradicate this horrible disease.

Beyond the cats, my time is split between central Pennsylvania and Kentucky, where I work seasonally as a foaling professional.

Operating a cattery is a true labor of love, and once you adopt a kitten from me you become family.

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What does Verdantide mean? Verdantide is a word I came up with to describe a phenomenon I observed in the hay fields surrounding my childhood home. The tall bluish-green grass would ripple silver in the summer breeze, resembling waves.... it was a verdant tide of sorts. This word reminds me of the tranquility, beauty and happiness of home, all traits I hope to embody in my cattery.

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