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Ready to adopt?


This application is required in order to be considered for a kitten.

If there are no kittens available, you can still complete the adoption application to be placed on our Waiting List. This enables us to begin getting to know each other. Anyone on the List will be notified of kittens when they are born and will have the first opportunity to select kittens, although we typically do not begin sharing pictures until kittens are four weeks old.

Prospective adopters will be able to choose their kitten beginning when they are six weeks old. At seven weeks, a first deposit will be accepted to officially reserve the kitten, which is when they will receive their first vaccinations. At eleven weeks, a second deposit will be accepted, which coincides with the second vaccination. Collecting and holding a deposit is a responsibility that I take seriously.

For the safety of our cats, we do not allow visitors to the cattery.

Yes, we will contact your veterinarian to verify that you are an established client before releasing your kitten.

By adopting a kitten from us, you agree that your kitten will be an indoor-only cat, and you will provide your kitten with clean water, fresh nutritious food, proper enrichment, a safe & comfortable home, responsible & prompt veterinary care, and lots of love for the duration of its life.


In the event that you cannot keep your kitten, you agree to contact us first so that we may either take back the cat or assist you with placement of the cat.

To receive our Health Guarantee, you agree to have your kitten examined by a qualified veterinarian within 72 hours of taking him or her home, and your vet will directly email the official results to us within 72 hours of the exam. We will grant a reasonable time extension for results if you have chosen to do a fecal or bloodwork.


You agree to notify us of any medical conditions that might arise with your cat, whether or not they are covered by our Health Guarantee. This enables us, when necessary, to make adjustments to our breeding program and alert other adopters to potential problems.

*Indoor-only cat is defined as a cat who lives strictly indoors and is only allowed outside when on a leash, under direct supervision in an enclosed yard, and/or within a completely enclosed, escape-proof catio.

Thanks for submitting!

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