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Pyris is the purest soul that I have ever been blessed to be loved by.

A magnificent lion with a tiny chirp like his dad and a purr like his momma. He adored giving head boops and receiving head kisses. Stealer of milk jug caps. Attacker of toes, no foot was safe when poking out from under the blankets. Speaking of which, he would sleep under the covers and loved his morning cuddles.

He would jump into the fridge and the stacked dryer like it was an Olympic sport, but he was too smart to try the oven. As a kitten, I had to extricate him from the ductwork more than once, since I didn't have the heart to deny him access to the only cat-free zone in my house. He wasn't afraid to ask for attention by inserting himself between my face and my phone. He loved the water and would play in the shower and the sink and would then go stomp on my books with his wet feet.

He touched the hearts of everyone he met, just like he loved to touch my face (and my dinner) with his paws.

Not a day goes by that I do not miss his gentle, loving spirit.

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